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  • 1. "Maya," is the daughter of a Jewish mother and devout Muslim father was married at 15. She endured unspeakable horrors at the hands of her husband. Today, she works to help rescue thousands of young Jewish women – like her – trapped in Arab villages across Israel.

    Hear her fascinating story Monday, August 17, 7pm.  Q and A to follow.


    2.  Rabbi Avremi Zippel shares his story of overcoming years of sexual abuse to become a successful father, husband and rabbi.

    In February 2019, Avremi testified about the decade of childhood sexual abuse he endured at the hands of his family's babysitter. His testimony as a Chabad Rabbi speaking out publicly about his story of abuse has inspired and positively impacted many lives.  He has become an activist and advocate for survivors of sexual abuse across the globe. Rabbi Zippel is a program director and spiritual leader at Chabad of Utah, together with his wife Sheina and children.

    Hear his fascinating story Tuesday, August 25, 7pm.  Q and A to follow. 


    3.More and more Jews are choosing cremation rather than burial. Some of the reasons cited include environmentalism, discomfort with decomposition, and finances.  Bestselling author, Doron Kornbluth spent over three years studying the subject, speaking with experts, consulting environmentalists, reading industry reports and academic studies, and examining both the realities on the ground and the philosophies behind burial and cremation.

    Subjects covered will include:
    • Funeral homes, cemeteries, and crematoria: Big Business
    • Why people cremate – in the past and present
    • Why bury?
    • How to talk about this subject
    • Your role in your relatives’ decisions  

    Join us on Tuesday, September 8, 7pm for a talk on Cremation and Burial by Doron Kornbluth. Q and A to follow.


    Events sponsored by New Mexico Chabad Centers: Albuquerque • Santa Fe • Taos • Las Cruces.

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