Due to current law, our Kosher store is open by appointment only. 

March 29th - April 7th    11am through 6pm 

Email us for an appointment or any questions.  BASED ON NM LAW, ONLY ONE PERSON WILL BE ALLOWED TO SHOP AT A TIME!


Briskets $7.99 lb

Roasts $7.99 lb

Lamb Breast $6.99 lb

Chickens whole/cut up $3.29 lb

Shoulder Steak $9.99 lb

Rib Eye Steak (grassfed) $12.99 lb

Kishke $5

Frozen Gefilta Fish $6

Wine $5 and up

Shmurah Matzah $16 lb

Yehuda or Manischewitz Matzah  $2.99 lb

Shank bone $3.50

Ground Beef 2lb $10.99

Ground Beef Patties $4.99 lb

Chicken Breast $5.99 lb

Horseradish $5

Chopped Liver $6

Pastrami $12.99 lb

Corned beef

Salami 2lb $13

Chicken Hot dogs $3.50

Herring $5

Lamb Chops

Lamb Stew

Mayonnaise $5